Where the wind was blowing

One's life has a lot of before and afters, and in-betweens. It was a long "in-between" after I left the Violeta Dojo, which, like Ochoa before, splintered. Some stayed with Kimo's Kodokan, most followed Sensei Jaime Acosta to Chi-I-Do under Kow Loon Ong (Cayo). I did not know this at the time, having exiled myself from the dojo. My other "art" took up the slack, I wrote a lot. But I would still from time to time wander into other dojos, in other styles, even Kendo for awhile with some old sumarai who taught in a community center in my old neighborhood. It was a time to be a dad again, although divorced. The ulcer forced me to an almost vegetarian diet. Kept off the booze.

With the change to Chi-I-Do, Sensei Jaime went to New York to train with Cayo. Kodokan morphed into a few dojos, one of which was run by Dionisio PĂ©rez, but in general, most of the Goju practitioners slowly drifted into Chi-I-Do. The original group expanded, a whole slew of karatecas went up through the ranks in the ensuing years, I was left behind, again.

As far as my practice was concerned, I reduced the katas I would do to four: Sanchin, Tensho, and the Kakuha (Toguchi) katas I learned with Kimo.

I dreamed of the day I would return. I dreamed.

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