The Kimo Years Come to a Close

[Due to personal circumstances, "Memories of a Nidan" will pause for an indefinite period of time, hopefully short, so I end this part with the following post]

I never did reach black belt with Kimo. It was an "almost" that plagued me for years, because I got pretty close, then it all exploded in my face. I was a brown belt black tip, the stage before black, when I developed an ulcer and opted out. It was a good excuse as any. I guess I really knew that I wasn't ready to be a black belt, not spiritually and mentally anyway. Regardless of my shortcomings, what I learned with and through Kimo served me well and eventually led me back to a dojo many years later. I knew there was an alternative because I lived it for awhile, although haphazardly, and it stayed in a respectful corner of my being always.

The way of karate has not been easy for me, and I appreciate this in a way because it makes me appreciate that what little I have is to a great measure due to those formative years in the dojo. There are things that defy expression, a host of memories that I hold dear. Though I strayed from the dojo, I kept doing my kata and Sanchin was an anchor through many harrowing and turbulant years.

I will touch lightly upon this time as I now face a similar crossroad in my life. Much is better left unsaid.

I retire now with this Tensho video (and radio interview below) by Kimo Sensei....

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