Inhabit the Invisible House

Do kata until it disintegrates and you are left with nothing. Inhabit the house until the walls crumble.

At my age when they ask me what I derive from karate they have already taken stock of my paunch, drooping jowls, sallow skin, flaccid arms, sunken eyes, gray hair. What will this old bugger dare to say?

I just live in the kata of the everyday.

Fear, a barking dog in the dark, sitting stone still in a doctor’s office awaiting judgment. A prayer repeated over and over again in an empty church.

Peace, sitting in my sister’s living room watching the swaying famboy√°n tree.

Joy, running into a friend from long ago.

Resignation, the perfect kata never attained.


Arsjo said...

I read your Memories of a Nidan with amazement. You have done a wonderful job recreating the history. I also trained at the Ochoa Dojo and UPR Dojo and earned Shodan on 1975. We probably trained together. I am honored to be featured in one of your photos. Goju-Ryu changed our lives. Thank you for allowing me to relive such a special time in my life.

Jorge Morales-Santo Domingo said...

Arsjo: Without doubt the most incredible comment I've received. Thank You!