Old Fart Karate

In my previous post I shared my feelings about seeing myself doing kata. It was, as I said, an eye-opener. I wanted to finalize my Violeta Dojo posts with a video of the Kakuha Kata, so emblematic of the Kimo Wall Kodokan school, but found no online videos. Nobody else was game either. So I had to do it myself. Lordy Lord. It was putting myself on the line, warts and all. But just as I had to make a transition from the collective dojo to the one-man dojo that today I inhabit, I also had to bite the bullet and also take a blind leap to the screen. Not as a young man, but as the almost 61 year old fart that I am. Well, there is always a first time.

This kata, Kakuha, was taught to me by Kimo Wall when I practiced in his Kodokan school of Goju. It was created by Toguchi and is solely practiced in his and in Kimo's dojos. No where else in Gojuland. Yet nobody uploads it anywhere. I don't know why. Maybe someone now can tell me. It is a great kata, one of two of a series, that pretty much sums up the Gekisai and Gekiha kata series, plus adds things from Sesan
and Sishoshin. It also captures the flow and transitions typical of the Goju I practice today.

There is only one catch, that's an old man you see there, not the young man that once did it and must content himself with expressing it with the body he inhabits today. But, what the hell.

Anyway, here it is.

In Honor of Kimo...

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