Got a girl named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy

They say if you can dance, have rhythm, you're one step closer to karate. I don't dance worth shit, maybe that's why my karate not so good.

When my sensei wanted to teach us a lesson in humility he would invite a dance instructor's students to our exercise session in the dojo. What to us seemed like chinese water torture, to them was like floating on their back in a spa.

There was a girl named Daisy, dance instructor, that came to teach us some stretching exercises. We were moaning and groaning, and she was as fresh as her name.

The dojo fell silent for a week or two afterwards, nobody complaining about the ten-step push-up, everyone licking his or her wounded ego. We might know how to kata but don't know how to cha cha.

I remember when in the prime of my training days and youth my mother used to leave me far behind as we hiked the slopes of her mountainous hometown.

Karate is not just a physical thing. It is a frame of mind, not a mindset. It is a way of looking up from the floor with a broken nose.

It is what you do next. It is dealing with imperfection.

Yes that Daisy almost drive me crazy.

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